Your First Choice in Skin Defense!
Your First Choice in Skin Defense!

Lash Lift



This treatment is for anyone who wants luscious longer looking lashes by "perming" them. If you've ever had an adverse reaction to the glues used by lash extensions, then this is the solution to longer lashes and the best part? They're all Yours! 


After cleansing the lashes with a lash cleansing solution, silicone rods are applied to the upper lids. Each lash is then swept up to the silicone pad and set in place with a water soluble glue and the Elleebana One Shot Lash Lifting solution is applied to the lashes. After 10 minutes, a setting solution is then applied to secure the curl for approximately 5 minutes. The lashes are gently washed of all solution and removed from the silicone rods. 


If you want your lashes tinted black, after the setting solution is removed, black tint is applied for approximately 10 more minutes. Tint is removed and silicone pads are gently removed with water. 





Do not use any oil based products or water on the lashes or lash area for 24 hours after your treatment. After the 24 hours, you may use mascara per usual and will not affect the curl and lift of your lashes. 



LASH LIFT    $55


LASH LIFT w/Tint   $65



Lash Lifts

With and without black tint

Lash Lift and Tint

Silicone treatment rods

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